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roman cade @romancade ∙ Jan 1
hey siri, how do i leave everything to my dog?                        
roman cade @romancade ∙ Jan 12 anyone ever feel themselves then look in a mirror and think 'shit i look extra potatoey today?' just me? cool                        
roman cade @romancade ∙ Jan 12 @lynleejames you owe me snacks                        
roman cade @romancade ∙ Dec 31 still not doing the 10 year challenge people. no one needs to see my emo ass.                        
roman cade @romancade ∙ ️Dec 28 no i just like licking her face 🤷🏻‍♂

roman cade fans @romancadefans
what's the truth!? are @romancade and @lynleejames dating?
roman cade Retweeted
starlight sonata @starlightsonata ∙ Dec 5, 2019
that many people exist and actually listen to use? shit                        
roman cade @romancade ∙ Dec 2 you don't have proof i didn't in fact die

lynlee james @lynleejames
Replying to @romancade
but did you die?
roman cade @romancade ∙ Nov 1 someone please hit me in the shins with a razor scooter                        
roman cade @romancade ∙ Nov 1 solid 6 hour nap 😎. i win this round                        
roman cade @romancade ∙ Nov 1 preemptively asking for a friend. but why wait until the new year to drop the dead weight? drop those assholes today!                        

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