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WIKIPEDIA Jaylin Philips (born Madilyn Jaylin Watson; May 04, 1993) is an American actress, most known as Violet Beauregarde in the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), playing the title character and mermaid in Aquamarine (2006), as Leslie Burke in Bridge to Terabithia (2007) known for playing Young Millie in Jumper (2008) and Sara in Race to Witch Mountain (2009). In 2011, it is rumored that Madi Watson has retired from Hollywood, stating her wish to go to school and enjoy life.

BIOGRAPHY Madilyn Watson was born on May 4, 1993 in Boston Massachusetts. She was born to a criminal defense lawyer and a school teacher. Her father, Philip Watson was a partner at a top firm in Boston, while her mother taught grade school. As a young child, Madi wanted for nothing but was expected to excel. Put into classes from an early age, she got the performing bug as a toddler, loving the frill of being on stage in recitals and began begging to be able to do it for real.

Philip wasn't sure he wanted his daughter in that world, while Gayle didn't see the harm. At first, Madi went to classes and auditions, securing commercials and print ads. No one thought much of it until she landed a guest spot on ER. From there, she began to gain traction as a child actor. By the time she landed her first movie, Sweet Home Alabama Gayle had decided to quit work so she could keep an eye on her daughter and get her around to auditions and to sets. Philip made a rule, however, that Madi was only allowed to work during the summer and could only do one movie a year. His only compromise was if she landed a tv show. He wanted his daughter to be home for school.

Life for Madi was a whirlwind of working and school. She spent September to June in Boston attending school and being a normal kid, having a high school boyfriend that she was in love with and doing things like Friday night football and prom. While using her weekends and holidays to audition, and her summers to film. By the time she turned 18 and graduated from high school she was exhausted and put her foot down. She told her mom she was done with movies, she broke up with her boyfriend under the guise of 'needing space' and 'going away to college' telling him she was setting him free to see anyone he wanted with her gone. She moved permanently to Los Angeles, enrolled at USC and with no real knowledge of what to do in life, she enrolled in their film program.

Four years were spent attending classes, modeling for brands like Cinderlla's Closet. She had no skills to work a normal student job, and modeling paid more anyway. She dated a little, she rarely came home for the holidays. She didn't know how to be on her own, but she did know that this was as normal as it got, being 20 and in college. She more or less disappeared from the spot light, and rarely commented on her life before college, other than to say she was from Boston. A lot of people didn't put two and two together, as she'd used a stagename her whole career.

After graduation in the Spring of 2014, Madi moved back home to Boston, where she got an apartment, and realized she had no idea what to do with herself. She got a job as an executive assistant hoping to at least do something with herself. She began getting scripts sent to her once more, her agent willing to let her take four years off for college. But she hasn't taken any yet. She's not sure if she wants to get back into acting or not. Currently, she's living a low profile life in Boston, just going about her day like everyone else.

⤑ FULL NAME Madilyn Jaylin Watson ⤑ NICKNAMES Madi, MJ, Mads ⤑ COMICVERSE Mary-Jane Watson ⤑ AGE & DOB 24 & May 4, 1993 ⤑ HOMETOWN Boston, MA ⤑ CURRENT RESIDENCE Boston, MA ⤑ EDUCATION USC ⤑ OCCUPATION Actress & Model
Executive Assistant
Mary-Jane Watson, lovingly called MJ by those that know her, is a human who knows the truth behind Spiderman. She is a girl who was raised with no real hometown due to her father constantly moving for work. As such she developed an extrovertive personality allowing her to make friends. Her Aunt in Queens was her favorite place to live, when her mother left her father and settled with Mary-Jane. It was also there that she first discovered Peter Parker was in fact Spiderman.

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Peter Parker/Spiderman

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Madilyn is similar to Madeline
dad's name is philip
mom's name gayle is mj's sister
dog's name sonja is an alias of mj's
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2000: ER (TV Series) - Delia Chadsey
2000: Strong Medicine (TV Series) - Edie's Girl
2002: Sweet Home Alabama - Young Melanie
2003: Uptown Girls - Ray
2004: Man on Fire - Lupita Ramos
2005: Charlie and the Chocolte Factory - Violet Beauregarde
2006: Aquamarine - Aquamarine
2007: Bridge to Terabithia - Leslie Burke
2008: Jumper - Young Millie
2009: Race to Witch Mountain - Sarah
2010: 16 Wishes - Abby Jensen
2011: New Year's Eve - Lily Bowman (segment "Mother & Daughter")

FACTS Her handwriting is Hamillton.
used her middle name and father's name as a stage name
has a dog named sonja

Gayle Watson
Philip Watson
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